My boys.

I love these two. So much. 

They’ve been enjoying each others company a lot more lately. Abram is so much fun to play with and I think Daniel is starting to feel like a daddy and not just a diaper-changer and Bottle-Holder-in-the-middle-of-the-night….er.

There’s so much that’s been going on lately. Where do I even begin?

I opened an etsy shop. So that’s fun. It’s cracked open this creative can of worms. My brain spins in circles all day thinking of things I want to make. I also discovered Pinterest this month. Ummm…..hello??? What a great site to bookmark everything I love.

Daniel got another job. He is in charge of ebay sales at Interstate Cycles. It’s only part time right now, so he is still working part time at NAPA. Pros- a TEENY bit more money to pay bills. Cons- No lunch break and an extra hour of work. Abram only gets to see his daddy for about an hour each weekday and for me only 3 hours. But we committed to only letting this be temporary. 

Abram is SO CLOSE to sitting up by himself, and he is becoming more independent each day. He likes tasting my breakfast smoothies and the hummus off of my afternoon toast snack. His new favorite thing is to cackle at strangers to get their attention. It’s hilarious. A few weeks ago we transitioned him from our bedroom to his, and it was quite a challenge. Every hour to two hours Daniel and I were up in the middle of the night taking turns soothing and feeding lil’ guy. Last week was incredible: he would only wake up once a night! We thought we finally had it in the bag, but the past few nights he has reverted back to every two hours. At least we got a taste of what it’s like when a baby sleeps at night. 

So yeah. We are just livin’ life together right now. I barely make it to my pillow at night before I’m passing out. Our days are exhausting, but in a I-did-a-lot-of-stuff-today kind of way.

Feels good.

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